How to have a successful localization strategy

Localization is becoming more and more important, especially in the digital context. Only when your websites are usable, accessible and culturally suitable to local audiences, can you successfully market your products and services. Here are the things that you need to consider before planning your localization strategy:

Local culture

Besides market research, local culture study is also a crucial part that you should focus on. Be aware that although cultural differences are intangible, their effects on your brand might be huge and unpredictable. If you do not have enough time and human resource to do all the research and study, consider partnering with a localization agency who can give you thorough insights into local cultural values.

Content translation

Some brands just focus on the packaging of their products or the appearance of the websites and forget to place proper concern on the content translation. Web content translation involves not only linguistic adaption but also data-driven analysis and cultural modification. If your website design is the thing that attracts customers, then the content is the core value that makes them stay and shop with you.

International SEO

Adapting your website to suit local taste and culture is not enough, you have to make it visible to local search engine. Nowadays, people rely a great deal on search engine to find the products they need and all the information related to the brand. Therefore, if you can make full use of SEO in the target market, you can successfully market your products to the right people in the right places.

Legal aspects

There are many legal aspects that you have to consider before entering a market, for example terms of service, regulations on privacy, payment, taxes, etc. You have to thoroughly understand the legal and ethical issues in the target country to make your expansion a success. Failing to comply with the local regulations will result in serious consequences. That is why you should hire a local legal consultant to make sure that your business is kept in line with the law.


Doing business in other countries is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time. In this digital context, the one who is more agile in technology will have the advantages and be more likely to win over other competitors. You should stay tech-enabled right from the beginning of your localization strategy. Start partnering with a localization service provider (LSP) to blend in the new market and then stand out from the crowd to claim your international success!


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