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The role of translation in manufacturing industry

Language barriers have a profound impact on many industries including manufacturing. Since every manufacturer wants to be on top in the race to global expansion, translation has become more and more important for the industry. KPMG concludes that global manufacturers are having more aggressive strategies to enter new markets and sectors. Manufacturers are pursuing growth outside their home market, which requires utilizing professional translation services to fill the language gap between nations. Here are the roles of translation in manufacturing industry:

Do you need app localization?

While website localization has been familiar with many business owners, app localization might not get the equal attention. Today, Apple’s App Store and Google Play are available in 155 and 137 countries respectively. Therefore, if your app is only available in one language, you would miss the chance to tap into other potential markets. Limiting your app to one country means limiting your sales growth. So do you need app localization? You will get the answer after examining its great benefits below:

Localized content marketing

You might have good knowledge about website, mobile app or software localization, however, when it comes to marketing content localization, are you sure that you understand it thoroughly? It is sometimes argued that content localization is just a minor aspect of localization and therefore it does not require much attention. Here are some facts that prove the opposite:

Video game industry and translation

Video game is an electronic game that can be played on personal computer, gaming console or mobile phone. Nowadays, not only kids but also adults love playing video games. Video games have been one of the most preferred sources of entertainment for everyone, which makes gaming industry become a billion-dollar business. Here are some statistics about video game industry and the reason why translation is an integral part of it.

Sectors that need translation the most

Nowadays, translation plays an important role in many industries. As globalization became the engine of international trade and cross-cultural interactions, there is an increasing demand for translation and localization services. Here are 5 industries that need translation the most:

Pros and cons of using Google Translate

Today, Google Translate has become the world’s most popular machine translation tool. And like any other tools, Google Translate has its own advantages and disadvantages.

10 questions to ask a client before starting a translation project

The most important thing you should do before every translation project is to get to know your client’s needs and requirements. It is also crucial that you understand the scope of work you are about to complete. The following questions will help you decide if the partnership is a good choice and provide you with the initial guideline for the project.

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