Document Translation

In our experience, WISE-CONCETTI is reputable choice to localize various document types when businesses come to a new market in Southeast Asia and contribute to improving the global brand promotion strategy in the shortest time.

WISE-CONCETTI focuses on 5 key areas:

▶ IT: Hardware, Software, Networking

Today, all activities relating to economics, politics, ect. must involve Information Technology. The products related to the IT sector are mostly written in English, and of course, those products do not necessarily make the best approach to the customer. Therefore, the team of IT document translators is indispensable in our services.

Information Technology is a daily and hourly changing field. Therefore, those working in the industry must always be ready for such changes, and we also always ensure the translations is as accurate and close to reality as possible.

▶ Business: Marketing, Finance/Banking, Law, Management

Over the years, the globalization has been growing, countries tend to increasingly expand the scale and market of consumption outside their territory. Therefore, what must company do to obtain sufficient paperwork, documents related to the industry, fields to advertise, introduce to the partners?

With strict working procedures to ensure the quality and editing, we make sure that the documents localized by us for our customers will contribute to the success of the global strategies of companies.

▶ Engineering: Automobile, mechanics, tools and equipment, Electricity, Electronics, Manufacturing

Today, science and technology are the sectors with the fastest and the most comprehensive growth rate, studying a wide range of new technologies, products and applying new technologies, internationalizing products are meeting the increasing demands of consumers around the world. However, can you overcome language barriers to reach the best customers for your products?

We understand that technical documents often have a lot of specialized terms, making the reader hard to understand and even impossible to understand. Therefore, we always try to produce the quickest, most accurate and understandable translation, helping your products achieve the highest compatibility.

Exactly using and understanding are essential for technical translations. We are the first company in Vietnam to get the quality certificate ISO 9001 in translation services. We desire to bring the perfection to our customers with the best personnel and technical expertise.

▶ Medical and Health Care: Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals

Translating medical – pharmaceutical documents is always a specialized field requiring highly specialized translators and those documents are just translated by experienced translators with knowledge about medicine. WISE-CONCETTI has a team of linguists with practical knowledge in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, toxicology and pharmacology. Therefore, we can provide medical translation services for most complicated medical documents. Since our quality system is consistent with European standards EN 15038:2006, you can engage us to complete the projects quickly.

▶ Telecommunications: Mobile devices

Today, mobile devices are products with huge connection power to humans. Now, everyone going out will not have to hold a bag anymore, they will hold a smart mobile phone. However, carrying a mobile phone suitable for the language use of the natives, or accurate use of terminology features displayed on a phone like the original language is the process that requires the experience and understanding of native languages to win customers. We believe that we are the choice of prestige and trust for our customers.


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