The secrets to mastering a language

Being able to communicate in a second language can be a privilege, even a perquisite, especially when we are in this globalization era. So if you are still struggling to learn a language, here are some simple yet effective steps for you to master it.

1. Make full use of Media

With the development of communication tools and the Internet, you are able to approach the target language anytime, anywhere. Even when you are driving, exercising, doing some gardening or cleaning, you can still learn by listening to the radio or music broadcast. The more you listen, the more you accustom yourself to the phonetics, intonation and accents of the native speakers.

You should pick up an online newspaper or magazine in the target language to start exploring the words and also the world. They are a rich source of new vocabulary and glossary for you. Reading is a natural and interesting way for you to run through the already-leant words and structure, which effectively helps you get the feel of the target language.

Films, instructional videos and TV series are also the helpful sources for you to practice and experience the target language since they are vivid, interactive and relatable. You will have a chance to learn how people make conversations in daily life and how they express their thoughts and feelings in the target language.

2. Interact with foreign friends

Do not hesitate to make friends with foreigners and learn from them. Daily conversation with them can be both interesting and helpful. Speaking to a foreigner helps you accustom your brain to think in the target language, which will sharpen your responsiveness and speaking skills. You should keep in mind that being fluent in a target language is the result of gradual interaction and consistent practice.

The first lesson you should learn when interacting with a foreign friend is how to greet, apologize and thank in the target language. A simple “Hello” and a cheerful “Goodbye” can make your conversation complete. And a grateful “Thank you” always makes the best part.

3.Do not worry about making mistakes

The fear of making mistakes can be the biggest obstacle on your way to master a language. Do not feel shy to speak out loud and to express your thoughts in the target language. The more mistakes you make, the more fluent you will be. Native speakers will not judge you by how accurately you pronounce or how well you make complex sentences. They will appreciate your efforts to communicate with them and even help you if you don’t mind.

4. Be patient and consistent

Learning a language is not something that can be done overnight. It takes years before you are able to use a language like a native speaker. You have to let the language enter your mind and soul naturally, effortlessly. Knowledge about a language is endless, you cannot learn by heart all the vocabulary and phrasal verbs. Indeed, the learning process is like teaching your brain a new habit, which requires daily practice and repetition. Therefore, if you want quick results, you will only make the journey longer. Just take step by step from basic to advanced level, do not rush to the finish line but try to enrich your language knowledge day by day.


Learning is a process, not a destination. And in the process, you have to complete yourself and sharpen your skills every day. The journey to master a language would be easier if you have these secrets in hand. And remember that practice makes perfect.



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