Why human translation is irreplaceable

Can artificial intelligence really replace human intelligence? The answer might be yes to some certain fields but not translation industry. And here are the reasons why human translation is irreplaceable, at least for now.

Mistranslation: Reasons and Solutions

A mistranslated word, especially in legal contracts, technology documents or medical instruction, can cost millions of dollars and even people’s lives. Accurate translation should not be underrated in any contexts and aspects of life. Here are the major reasons for mistranslation and the solutions to avoid it.

How to have a successful localization strategy

Localization is becoming more and more important, especially in the digital context. Only when your websites are usable, accessible and culturally suitable to local audiences, can you successfully market your products and services. Here are the things that you need to consider before planning your localization strategy.

4 reasons why localization is so important

Localization is no longer just an option for companies which want to go global, it is now becoming a must, a strategic plan that can help a brand survive abroad. By localizing your website, products or marketing campaigns, you are building a bridge to your target customers and making your brand more memorable in local markets. Here are 4 reasons why localization is so important for your business.

Transcreation: When translation meets creation

“Transcreation” means translating the original text into a new language whilst keeping the same emotions and making sure it is still appropriate in the target language. To do so, the re-creating phase is added to the traditional translation process.

The challenges of becoming a translator

Translators play an important role in spreading knowledge across borders and connecting the world. Even though translation job is full of adventures and challenges, it is indeed very worthy. If you are consistent enough to get through all the tough parts, the best reward is for you.

What is Machine Translation?

To some extent, machine translation can be superior to human translation but there will be troubles if you do not understand it or have unrealistic expectations. The question is “Can machine perform as well as a human linguist?” and “Can we totally rely on automation translation?” To find out the answer, we need to clarify what MT is, what its advantages/ disadvantages are and most importantly, when to use it.

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