Video game industry and translation

Video game translation

Video game is an electronic game that can be played on personal computer, gaming console or mobile phone. Nowadays, not only kids but also adults love playing video games. Video games have been one of the most preferred sources of entertainment for everyone, which makes gaming industry become a billion-dollar business. Here are some statistics about video game industry and the reason why translation is an integral part of it.

Sectors that need translation the most

Nowadays, translation plays an important role in many industries. As globalization became the engine of international trade and cross-cultural interactions, there is an increasing demand for translation and localization services. Here are 5 industries that need translation the most:

Pros and cons of using Google Translate

Today, Google Translate has become the world’s most popular machine translation tool. And like any other tools, Google Translate has its own advantages and disadvantages.

10 questions to ask a client before starting a translation project

The most important thing you should do before every translation project is to get to know your client’s needs and requirements. It is also crucial that you understand the scope of work you are about to complete. The following questions will help you decide if the partnership is a good choice and provide you with the initial guideline for the project.

6 facts about localization

The Centre for Next Generation Localisation pointed out that localization and translation is the 4th fastest-growing industry in the United State. The size of global language industry in 2016 is estimated at $40 billion (USD) and is projected to increase up to $45 billion by 2020.

The importance of game localization

Game localization is a wise tactic which helps you tailor the game experience to best suit your local gamers. Here are three reasons why game localization is so important, not to say inevitable:

The importance of medical translation

Even though each country speaks a different language, people fight the same diseases and struggle with the same health issues. If translation in other fields mainly serves the purpose of sales and business expansion, medical translation serves another noble cause which is humanity. This article will give you an insight into the importance of medical translation in our daily life.

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