Fast translation services during Christmas holidays

Fast translation service during Christmas holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Hope that you are having a warm and cosy festive season with friends and family. However, if we meet, you are likely to face an urgent translation demand. No worries Wise-Concetti is up during your holiday. Explore our translation services now. 1.  No.1 translation service provider in Southeast Asia […]

How To Become a Medical Translator?

Medical translation is one of the most challenging specializations of translation services as it requires a high level of accuracy, and leaves no room for any kind of errors. Since the related knowledge is complex and highly specialized for any translator, there is a shortage of specialists for medical linguists in this field. Thereby, to […]

Will Translators Become Obsolete Due to Machine Translation?

In recent years, language translation becomes something that artificial intelligence – specifically machine learning has demonstrated to be very competent at. The results from machine translation are more digestible and accurate nowadays, which is far from the word-by-word translation when it was first introduced. With such an amazing evolution, will translators become obsolete in the […]

4 Website Localization Examples – How Big Brand Localize Their Site

Preparing your business for global expansion entails much more than merely translating your product document and marketing materials. To maximize the probability of successful international growth, localization is what all business owners should concern about, and one of the most vital elements of the process is tailoring the online presence and website layout to their […]

5 Fascinating Vietnamese Language Facts That You Don’t Want to Miss

The language of Vietnam allows you to experience Vietnam’s diverse culture in a genuine way. Vietnam is a country of 54 ethnic groups and with 20 different languages. Spoken by more than 75 million people, Vietnamese is the official language of this country since 1945 and it belongs to the Austro-Asiatic family and applies Nom script. If you are interested in this beautiful country and its language, […]

How to Translate an Entire Website? 

Localizing your website into different languages is a complex task – but a very rewarding one since it helps businesses and individuals connect to their target audiences in a shrinking world. Translating a website does not merely involve translating all the text on the current site but also includes some technical areas and website management, […]

Top 3 Common Problems in Translating Poetry

Poetry is one of the most intimate, subjective, and creative forms of expression. As such, the ultimate goal of poetry translators is to convey the original poem’s intent, meaning, and style as faithfully as possible. In some cases, the task may sound impossible since the poems are complex in rhymes, meter, rhythm, metaphors, and many […]

4 Interesting Filipino Language Facts That You Cannot Miss

Filipino and English are two official languages in the Philippines, but Filipino is the national language of this country. According to a survey in 2019, there were 45 million habitants who speak Filipino among 108.2 Philippines population. Hence, if you want to get to know more about this Asian country and its languages, here are […]

What Are the Problems of Translation?

Just like in every field, there are several obstacles in the translation process. Some are faced by the translators, and some by the clients. Even for the most experienced translators or clients that have use translation services many times, confusion and frustration while processing translation are familiar feelings. So, what are the problems of translation? In […]

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