Misconceptions about translating marketing content

The main purpose of every marketer is to attract attention and create interest. In this globalization era, to approach billions of non-English speaking customers, you need a localized marketing strategy.

A study by Common Sense Advisory found out that 75% of people like to make purchases in their native language and 60% of them “never” or rarely buy things from English-only websites. This fact justifies that localization is now a must and a necessity. To help our clients understand the basics of localization, let’s reveal four biggest misconceptions about translating marketing content.

Misconception #1: Translating content is complicated

The translation process requires so many people involved from the in-house team to translation agencies, meanwhile several documents need translating quickly. Getting everyone on the same page might be a challenging task.

However, marketing localization is not complicated at all. Nowadays, there are technology systems that can connect all the process, ensuring everything operated smoothly and timely.

Translation management systems (TMS) is a platform that allows global marketing teams to collaborate effectively with translation vendors and freelancers. Clients can work together with their chosen vendors and have mutual interactions throughout the projects. For example, Wise-Concetti has a well-developed project management system which allows clients to access and keep track of their projects anytime they want.

Misconception #2: Adding a new language is difficult

With the help from translation agencies, you can add as many languages as you want so that you can adapt to the new local markets. Limited access to the Internet in specific region? It is not a problem at all, CAT tools can function both online and offline.

You can also work with multiple translation vendors to have the best translations and quality check. A long-term translation agency partner or a temporary native freelancer, both choices can provide you with the desirable quality check.

For further creative translation in marketing, you can look for a transcreation service provider to have the best content marketing campaign in the target market.

Misconception #3: Keeping track of previous translation is impossible

It is assumed that there is no way to keep track of the previous translations other than searching through piles of files or contacting the vendors. How can you guarantee the consistency throughout different marketing campaigns and media channels?

By maintaining a translation memory and glossaries in translation management systems (TMS), it is possible to ensure the terminology consistency in several languages across websites, catalogues, newsletters, etc. The glossaries ensure the consistency of company phrases, slogans and key terms across different media channels no matter which vendor is doing the localizing. If there is any update, new modification will be applied in all related projects.

Maintaining glossaries and translation memory helps companies keep things consistent, save budget and reduce turnaround time.

Misconception #4: There are tons of Mediums and Formats

Do you think that there is no way to translate all of the formats like HTML, PDFs, InDesign while maintaining the same structure?

Yes, there is a way! Translation management platforms can give you the compatibility with various types including .pdf, .idml, and .html. Content management systems (CMS) can be integrated via API to translate websites on platforms like WordPress and Drupal.

The demand for multilingual video subtitles and voice-overs is also increasing. Don’t worry, because it can be done easily and effectively by translation agencies.

Good news is that copy-pasting content is no longer required. TMS can work with multiple file formats, which makes localizing your content become easier than ever.

Start localizing now!

In the localization era, we help companies to see the importance and the impact of language adaption on their global business. Speaking and writing in customers’ native languages across marketing media help you to not only reach more people but also generate real revenue. So what are you waiting for? Clear all the misconceptions and start your localization today to be the foreign winner in a local market!


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