Thai translation and localization

Thailand – A great country for your business

A recent report of World Bank Group finds that Thailand is one of the top 50 economies for doing business worldwide. Among ASEAN countries, Thailand ranks third for most business friendly economies. World Bank Country Director for Thailand emphasized that: “Thailand is an attractive place to do business for Thai and foreign investors”.

Lying in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand has both geographic and economic advantages that make it one of the most dynamic economy in the region. With the population of more than 69 million people, Thailand is really a promising market. Government policies of Thailand are business friendly, which encourages foreign investment and provides comprehensive support for the investors. The economy of this country has a steady growth rate at 1.3%.

Even though English is widely understood in major cities of Thailand, a foreign company cannot survive in this market without speaking the local language which is Thai. A recent research by Common Sense Advisory found out that if customers cannot understand a website, they won’t make a purchase from it. It is surprising that 87% of customers would not buy from a website which is only in English. Therefore, if you want to do business in Thailand, you need Thai localization. Thai localization is the adaption of language, product features and website content so that they become suitable with local culture and customer shopping habits.

Thailand is indeed a potential market which offers many opportunities for your business. However, on the way to expand to another market, cultural differences and languages are the two obstacles that you cannot overlook. That is when you need perfect Thai translation and a wise strategy on Thai localization to be successful in the market.

Our Thai translation and localization service

You should be well aware that Thai localization is much more than Thai translation. You cannot just have Thai translation for your marketing or website content and neglect Thai localization process. Translation is just the start of globalization.

Thai culture is strongly influenced by animism, Indian culture and Buddhism. And Thai people can be divided into various groups with slightly different traditions, beliefs and languages. Therefore, you have to truly understand Thai culture to have a successful business here. Regarding the national language, Thai has a complex orthography and relational marker system, thus, only Thai native translators can produce the perfect Thai translation.

With native Thai speaking translators and localization experts, we provide high quality Thai translation and Thai localization service. We ensure the accuracy and perfectness of our service so that you will always have peace of mind even when your project is in a rush.

We are the provider of Thai translation and localization that you can trust!