Malay translation and localization

Malaysia – An attractive destination for overseas investors

If you are considering to expand your market to Asia, Malaysia might be one of the most attractive places for your business. Malaysia is a newly-industrialized economy which offers favored policies aimed at trade promotion, entrepreneurship and industrial development. The government has undertaken investor-centric and business-friendly policies in order to encourage foreign investment, which helps make Malaysia one of the most dynamic economy in Southeast Asia.

The GDP of Malaysia reached 296.36 billion US dollars in 2016 and rose 5.8 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Malaysia’s economic performance was better than expectation and outpaced its peers in the region. Besides a number of investor-friendly policies, Malaysia also offers great advantages such as highly developed transport and telecommunications infrastructure, skilled labor force and free industrial zones.

Official language of Malaysia is Malay which is also known as Bahasa Malay. Though English is widely understood and spoken by the majority of the Malaysian population, you still need Malay translation to do business in this country. A recent research by Common Sense Advisory found out that if customers cannot understand a website, they won’t make a purchase from it. It is surprising that 87% of customers would not buy from a website which is only in English. Therefore, having perfect Malay translation for your marketing content, website and other documents will help you communicate better with your local customers.

Malay localization is also important for your business in Malaysia. People often think that localization is merely a translation process and get confused between the two concepts. Malay translation is the process to find the equivalence between the source and Malay language, meanwhile Malay localization is the adaption process in which other factors like culture, belief, habits, purchase preference are adjusted to best suit the local market.

Our Malay translation and localization service

You should be well aware that Malay localization is much more than Malay translation. You cannot just have Malay translation for your marketing or website content and neglect Malay localization process. Translation is just the start of globalization.

With native Malay speaking translators and localization experts, we provide high quality Malay translation and Malay localization service. We ensure the accuracy and perfectness of our service so that you will always have peace of mind even when your project is in a rush.

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