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Indonesia – The emerging power house of Asia

Indonesia is a country of great economic potential and investment opportunities. Known as the emerging power house of Asia, Indonesia has marked itself as one of the ten biggest climbers in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index 2017. With the government efforts to enhance the quality of national business environment, Indonesia has jumped up 15 places in the index from 106 to 91. The GDP of Indonesia was worth 932.26 billion US dollars in 2016 and reached the growth rate of 5.01% in 2nd quarter of 2017 (Indonesia’s Statistics Agency). These amazing numbers prove the stability and also the great potential of Indonesian market.

As the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia has a very potential domestic market which offers great business opportunities. With strong domestic consumption and an investor-friendly government, Indonesia is indeed an ideal place to expand your business.

Even though Indonesia has stable economy and investor-friendly policies, there are still some challenges that foreign businesses might face. Two of the biggest obstacles are language and culture. Bahasa Indonesia, which is a standardized register of Malay, is the official language of Indonesia. Besides the national language, there are more than 300 native languages spoken in Indonesia. A study found out that 17.4 percent of Indonesians are trilingual. According to University of Washington’s Asian Languages and Literature, just around 7 percent of total population speak Bahasa Indonesia as their mother tongue. Therefore, to be able to connect with Indonesian customers, you need perfect Indonesian translation to create mutual understanding and relatability.

Regarding Indonesian culture, it is a complex mixture which was formed by interaction between original indigenous customs, religions and foreign influences. Thus, you need to really understand the local culture and have wise Indonesian localization strategy to be successful in the market.

Our Indonesian translation and localization service

You should be well aware that Indonesian localization is much more than Indonesian translation. You cannot just have Indonesian translation for your marketing or website content and neglect Indonesian localization process. Translation is just the start of globalization.

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