Fast translation services during Christmas holidays

Fast translation service during Christmas holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Hope that you are having a warm and cosy festive season with friends and family. However, if we meet, you are likely to face an urgent translation demand. No worries Wise-Concetti is up during your holiday. Explore our translation services now.

1.  No.1 translation service provider in Southeast Asia

Wise-Concetti founded in 2005 with the mission of providing translation services from foreign languages to Vietnamese. Then, to meet clients’ demands of other target countries, WCL has expanded to serve more languages in Southeast Asia area and more. Since globalization, WCL also acted as a bridge to help outer region enterprises localize their products and services to penetrate this thriving new market.  

For over 15 years now, we have worked with tech giants (Apple, Oracle, Facebook, Google, Microsoft…) and partnered with top MLVs (Lionbridge, Moravia, Welocalize…). As we committed “First to Customer”, 99% of clients’ project managers are satisfied with our services. Our quality is guaranteed by Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) and ISO 9001:2015. 

Our head office is in Hanoi – Vietnam and other representative offices in Bangkok – Thailand, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia. Wise-Concetti has more than 80+ in-house linguists working fulltime in offices amongst ASEAN. They are at least 3 years experience and produce stable translation quality. Human resource is proud to be our competitive advantage that no other language service provider in Vietnam can compare with. 

2. Fast translation services during holiday season

As our location is in Southeast Asia, normally our staffs are on broad over your Christmas and New Year celebrations. Every year, we handle urgent projects during this season as most of other language service providers are off for holiday. This year, we would like to announce that all members are ready to take part in your projects even in this special time.  

The daily availability is approximately 2500 words for one expert linguist. This estimated word count varies between languages but quick translate into Vietnamese, 3000 words each is ensured. At least 3 experienced linguists are available for a project. In case of prior notice, we can increase our ability if needed. 

Our working hour is GMT+7 but we are willing to get in touch with you and listen to your fast translation inquiry at any time. So don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Get in touch with us for your fast translation inquiry
Get in touch with us for your fast translation inquiry

3. Urgent translation rates and availability 

Quotations are estimated depending on your detailed requirements, so it is not possible to give a proper figure for any translation request. However, how to sum up to your final billing is nothing to hide. Let us explain.  

Overall, there are 3 main factors that affect the rate, project volume, language pairs and context difficulty. Volume is calculated according to the number of words to be translated or alternatively according to the actual working hours of total linguists. The rarer the languages, the more costly your quote will be as it is in short supply. In addition, how difficult it is to fully translate your documents increases the odds. For example, translation rates in medical, legal, political fields are always higher than the average.  

However, there is one valuable benefit to all our clients, we do not up rate for urgent cases. We are pleasure to accompany your business in all difficult circumstances, so there is no additional charge for expedited translation if our availability allows. In addition, we may supply same day translation services for source documents that under 2000 words. 

Wise-Concetti specializes in the Southeast Asian languages and serves professionally in technology fields. Our goal is to be the bridge connecting businesses to localize their product across the globe. For more information contact us via website, email, LinkedIn.


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