The challenges of becoming a translator

Being a translator might be the dream of many people who love reading, writing and languages. As a translator, you have a chance to read the original documents from a wide range of subjects, which gives you valuable knowledge about other cultures, people and events.  A translation career is also flexible and rewarding, which makes this job become an ideal and irresistible profession. However, every job has the good elements and not so good ones which would be a big challenge for anyone who is not consistent enough.


Translators are the ones who work independently and handle big documents all by themselves. Each project is an individual work which does not involve team work or assistance from other co-workers. The only partner of a translator might be the computer with CAT tools. As a result, you may feel isolated from the outside world and sometimes disconnected to others.


The industry is a promising land in terms of high income and chances to discover the world, therefore, competitiveness is inevitable. Especially when automation translation is becoming a trend with the aid of technology, you need to be excellent and outstanding to get the attention of recruiters and clients. As competition is getting tougher, you have to complete yourself every day and work much harder.

Pressure of deadlines

The flexibility nature of a translation job lies in the working conditions, not the time. Sometimes, you have to complete big projects with such limited time allowed. You have to ensure both translation accuracy and deadlines at the same time. Working overtime is usually required for a translator. This is why translation is called a profession under pressure.

Deep knowledge requirements

Learning to be a translator is hard, working as one is even harder. You have to enrich not only your linguistic knowledge but also social and cultural awareness. You need the intuition to decide which word would translate into which word depending on the context and related topic. Just a wrong word can ruin your whole translation and can cause serious problems to both your company and client.

Difficulties for family women

Handling personal and professional life is very challenging to family women. It takes at least two to three years before you are mature and experienced enough to become a professional translator. At the mature stage of life, a woman also has to bear the burden of family responsibility. Sometimes she has to scarify it to meet the stringent deadlines. With so many duties at the same time, it is not easy for a woman to perform the work at her best.


Translators play an important role in spreading knowledge across borders and connecting the world. Even though translation job is full of adventures and challenges, it is indeed very worthy. If you are consistent enough to get through all the tough parts, the best reward is for you. Furthermore, if you have the love strong enough for language, those challenges cannot scare you away. Remember that if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.


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